If you have ever fished Lake Naconiche you know what a great Bass Fishing Lake the Texas Parks and Wildlife has developed. Lake Naconiche Retreat has been here since before the lake was opened, providing quality accommodations for the Bass Fishing Community. We are continuously improving our facilities and services to support the growing interest in Lake Naconiche.

In response to customer requests, this year we are offering Fishing Tournament services to all of our customers to participate in. These services are for amateur fishermen and are designed to provide a relaxed, enjoyable and entertaining competition.

If you are a member of a group or club of Bass Fishermen, Lake Naconiche Retreat will organize, manage and referee a tournament for your group. We will provide all of the services including collecting and paying out prize money as well as accommodations, fishing instructions and catering for parties. Some services are free or nominal in cost.

Lake Naconiche Retreat 2020 Invitational Tournament

In conjunction with our tournament services, we are now sponsoring our own Annual Fishing Tournament for our customers. This tournament is specially designed for Lake Naconiche and our facilities and our customers.

The format is unique in many respects and focuses on flexibility and easy participation scheduling.

The qualifying process is similar to the FedEx golf tournament, in that a team will fish a qualifying event (play a round as it were) and post their score. We will maintain a real time Leader Board on the website.

At the end of the qualifying period the top 6 scorers will be invited to the 2020 Tournament.

For more details on rules, protocols, prizes, registration and scheduling click the link above.