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The Pine

The Oak

The Ash

The Redbud

At Lake Naconiche Retreat, we do our best to provide customer satisfaction.

Our pricing is set up for you to chose the best combination of accomodations that works for you. We have 3 affordable luxury cabins and 1 efficiency cabin available for you to choose from.

Pricing Schedule - Per Night

Cabin Occupants 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4+ nights
Ash 2 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00
Pine 3 $155.00 $145.00 $140.00 $135.00
Oak 3 $155.00 $145.00 $140.00 $135.00
Redbud 4 $170.00 $160.00 $155.00 $150.00

The Redbud, Oak & Pine are luxury cabins that are completly furnished, with central air & heat, large kitchen and bath. The Ash is a small efficiency cabin that is for those who just want a comfortable place to stay a night or two.

1 person - any cabin - Recommend Oak or Pine

2 persons - any cabin - Recommend Oak or Pine

3 persons - Oak, Pine or Redbud

4 persons - Redbud or 2 in Oak 2 in Pine

5 persons - 3 in Oak or Pine + 2 in Oak or Pine
3 in Oak or Pine and 2 in Ash
4 in Redbud and one in Ash, Oak or Pine.

6+ persons - what ever combination works for you.