Welcome to Lake Naconiche Website. 2018 was a really good year for Lake Naconiche.

Starting in 2019, we will be implementing a marketing strategy that is designed to increase customer bookings, especially in the summer vacation months.

Our goal is not to bring in the maximum amount of profits possible.

Our goal is to continue a steady growth of our base customers who appreciate Quiet, Secure and Convenient access to the great fishing, boating and natural beauty of Lake Naconiche.

In order to achieve our goal we will be implementing specific marketing plans thru various Medias and partners in the vacation and fishing industries.

We will not do any “mass marketing”, but rather target new customers whose profile matches the great customers we currently have. Personal referrals and word of mouth has worked for us really well and we will continue to expand using this strategy.

In order to maximize our marketing dollars we will be making extensive use of “Promotional” discount codes that reward customers and give us specific measurable feedback.

The Promotional Code will be a code that is entered on the Reservation Payment page that will reduce the payment amount.

All persons will be able to receive a promotional discount. If you are a new customer who does not have a promotional code then enter the code “2019-New” and you will receive a $10 discount.

The use of the Promotional Code is all we need to target new customers. We do not, and will not ask any questions nor email or text or otherwise bother our customers.

Thanks and Happy 2019 from Lake Naconiche Retreat, LLC.