We do all of our bookings on line in real time. The booking is completed when payment if made using a debit/credit card. At that time be aware that your funds will be transferred and we will lock in your reservation.

The reason we need to do this is because we have 4 cabins. If a cabin is booked, it represents 25% of our capacity so we only do serious pre-paid reservations.

We also have a complimentary no question cancellation policy. See Cancellation policy for details.

In any case we have great customers and have never penalized anyone for cancellations.

If you have special group bookings that you are considering please call us and we can put a temporary hold on some cabins while working out final details.

We have folks who book 8 months in advance and some who book the night before. In general most folks book about 10 days out.

Thanks - Phil Anderson Manager