We do our best to not place restrictions on our customers so everyone can enjoy our facilities.

In order to maintain our goal of providing high quality, quiet, clean, relaxing and secure experience, we have a occupancy limit of :

3 adults in the Pine & Oak Cabins,

4 adults in the Redbud Cabin and

2 adults in the Ash cabin.

Children are welcome but we consider Lake Naconiche Retreat an adult facility.

We also have environmental legal requirements that limit the number of individuals, from a waste perspective.

Our pricing is based with these issues in mind.

Our policy is that Only Paying Customers may use the facilities.

This policy is mainly directed at local customers who want to have a "get together" and purchase a cabin stay and invite over friends and family.

If a customer wants to lease the facilities for a group event, the event must be approved by Lake Naconiche Retreat and pricing adjusted to cover additional costs.

Our core customers will always have priority so they can be assured, that after reserving a cabin, they will not be disturbed by an unscheduled group event.