Report score 93.5
Submitted by Eric Wolfe
Date, time and length of trip 7:30 AM 10/28/2020 for 5.0 hours
Channel marker T24
GPS location ,
Type caught Black Bass
Average length 18.0 inches
Average weight 3.0 lbs.
Number of fish caught 12
Bait type Artificial
Bait color Shad
Fishing action Fast
Water temperature and depth 65.0° / 14.0 ft.
Comments or other details With the cold fronts coming through more regularly, the water temps are dropping and so is the thermocline. This has an effect on the bass... to be more precise, it influences the shad. The shad are moving up the creeks in HUGE numbers. Big-ol'-balls of bait fish! The bass are waiting in ambush. What this means for you is that a shad imitation bait can produce some great numbers. In addition, a deep diving crankbait can land you a giant! BTW, don't forget to tie on a jerkbait. Twitch... twitch-twitch...BAM!! Come Attack the Nac! NacoTack Fishing Services