Report score 93.5
Submitted by Eric Wolfe
Date, time and length of trip 6:00 AM 06/15/2020 for 10.0 hours
Channel marker All
GPS location ,
Type caught Black Bass
Average length 16.0 inches
Average weight 2.5 lbs.
Number of fish caught 30
Bait type Artificial
Bait color Smoke Shad
Fishing action Slow
Water temperature and depth 85.0° / 12.0 ft.
Comments or other details The early morning and late evening bite continues to be productive. It is not uncommon to catch 10 or more fish during each long as you can find fish, you can get bit. I have been BLESSED and have upgraded to the Garmin Live-Scope electronics, so finding the fish is A LOT easier. If you've never seen what Live-Scope can do, you need to get on my boat and see for yourself! It's simply a GAME CHANGER! Once you find the fish, throwing the right lure is the key. On the bottom? Chunk a TX-rig Mag worm. (I like blueberry or Junebug colors) Are your fish suspended just above the thermocline? Fire out an underspin or chatter-bait in natural shad colors and run that thing just above the thermocline line. (Don't know what a thermocline is? No problem! GOOGLE that s**t! LOL!! The short version is this: It's the depth of any lake in which there is such a drastic change in water temp, that there isn't enough oxygen below that line. Any depth finder will show this line as a fuzzy bottom half of water. Don't fish below this level... there aren't any fish there. Come Attack the Nac! NacoTack Fishing Services