Report score 93.5
Submitted by Eric Wolfe
Date, time and length of trip 7:00 AM 02/16/2020 for 2.5 hours
Channel marker T6
GPS location ,
Type caught Black Bass
Average length 16.0 inches
Average weight 2.5 lbs.
Number of fish caught 26
Bait type Artificial
Bait color Shad
Fishing action Slow
Water temperature and depth 50.0° / 20.0 ft.
Comments or other details I had a friend tell me "...I feel like Lake Naconiche has too many shad, so I cant feed them worms, etc." I'm not sure if I agree with him or not. Yes, the shad population is unbelievable! Yes, the bass seem to feed on these schools of shad, almost exclusively. Yes, it can be difficult to feed them other baits. But, when you use this information and apply it to this lake, then you have a recipe for big success. Throw them what they want to eat!!! I sat on one spot, Sunday morning, and caught 26 fish in just under 2.5 hours. What did I throw? SHAD imitation! Umbrella rigs and under-spins with shad colored soft plastics. These fish are hungry and aggressive getting fattened up for the spawn. Come Attack the Nac! NacoTack Fishing Services