Report score 93.5
Submitted by Eric Wolfe
Date, time and length of trip 7:00 AM 12/28/2019 for 3.0 hours
Channel marker N8
GPS location ,
Type caught Black Bass
Average length 17.0 inches
Average weight 2.5 lbs.
Number of fish caught 51
Bait type Artificial
Bait color Smoke Shad
Fishing action Stop and Drop
Water temperature and depth 50.0° / 15.0 ft.
Comments or other details Have you ever had one of those days when all the conditions just come together, and everything works out like you always hoped it would? 51 fish in 3 hours of fishing. That's what Lake Naconiche can do! Not a typo. 51! All 51 cam from ONE SPOT! We actually left'em still biting! We came in at 9:30am to get some more fisherman out on the water. One of which had never caught a bass before, and called herself "The Fish Repellent". (See the pics) Her "repellent" stopped working today!! We totalled over 60 fish in about 5 hours of fish time, including her NICE catches. This is what makes my job the best job on the planet. It's time to come fish Naconiche!! NacoTack Fishing Services