Report score 93.5
Submitted by Eric Wolfe
Date, time and length of trip 6:30 AM 07/06/2019 for 4.0 hours
Channel marker N8
GPS location ,
Type caught Black Bass
Average length 20.0 inches
Average weight 4.0 lbs.
Number of fish caught 12
Bait type Artificial
Bait color White Ice
Fishing action Stop and Drop
Water temperature and depth 86.0° / 20.0 ft.
Comments or other details Widely scattered hot, with a 100% chance of humidity. The weather report is predictable. So are the bass. Use your electronics to find the thermocline. That's the dark line on the screen that tells you... don't fish below this line! In the summer, the fish can't live under the thermocline. We're catching good quality fish using lures that can run at, or just above, that line. Underspin type baits, with a fluke Jr. in shad colors, seems to be the ticket. When the fish blow up on the surface, chasing shad, a Whopper Plopper can be a blast! Caught 4 of 12 over 4lbs. on Saturday and 25 fish over the weekend, averaging 3-5lbs using these techniques. Summer may be warm, but the fishing can be hot! Come Attack the Nac! NacoTack Fishing Services