Lake Naconiche Retreat is Adult facility dedicated to supporting bass fishermen In their quest to catch fish.

As you know Lake Naconiche is a unique environment managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists, to produce Lunker bass. We have been here since the lake was first opened and watched it mature into a nationally known fishing destination.

We have been accumulating information about fish caught on Lake Naconiche for 3 years. This information is collected by our guests and guides via the Submission of a “Fishing Report" on our webpage.

The Objective of collecting and collating this information into a Database is to provide real, scientific, detailed, historical data about fish, and how they have been caught on Lake Naconiche.

The database information will allow us meet the following objectives:

Objective A: Assure new fishermen, depending on their skillset, that they will catch fish when they come stay at our facility. (Available to the public)

Method: Provide a general fishing report detailing how many fish have been reported for the last 7 days or so.

Objective B: Provide information to guests about how fish were caught on Lake Naconiche so that they can increase their fishing skillset in order to catch more and larger fish. (Available to guests only).

Method: Provide a report of fish caught in the last 7 days or so with general details on how when and where they were caught. (Nature and amount of details; and whether charges apply yet to be decided)

In order to meet these objectives we have expanded our database to be able to document all factors related to catching fish on Lake Naconiche. Going forward we be needing information and ask all guests to contribute by filing fishing reports when they come in off the lake. The database is focused on location, as well as the skill and strategy that each fish was caught. Basic information will include how many fish were caught at a location, how long you were at that location.

A specific location refers to actual Long/Lat or a general reference to a location buoy. The location buoy is posted on a map in each cabin.

Also for specific up to 4 specific fish document things like lure used, depth, action, rig information etc. We will be providing a manual way to submit reports as well as online reporting. Text us a photo and we will publish it on our homepage.

Of course the big problem is that in general fishermen don’t like to tell everybody where and how they are catching fish.

Our approach is that we will make a legal agreement with data providers that although LNR owns the data, they will decide how much detail will be visible to other users. You will be able to maintain detailed fishing information on all of your trips so you can reference them for future planning or let your friends and relatives access your data…..and a lot of other possibilities.

In any case we want fishermen to catch fish every time they stay with us at Lake Naconiche Retreat and we provide as much support as possible to make the happen.