May 1, 2019
Philip R. Anderson CEO
Lake Naconiche Retreat LLC
1045 County Road 137
Garrison Texas, 75946

The owners are offering the Lake Naconiche Retreat business as an investment/ownership opportunity to persons or entities with Management and Marketing training.

As you know Lake Naconiche is a beautiful Texas Lake that the Texas Parks and Wildlife manage for the for bass fishing and general recreation, that was impounded in 2012.

Lake Naconiche Retreat was begun to provide rental accommodations to fishermen and vacationers. We grew along with popularity of Lake Naconiche and now have 4 high quality extended stay cabins designed specifically for Lake Naconiche visitors, along with the custom website

The reason we are making this decision is that the owners are retiring and don’t have the time or energy to properly manage and grow the business to the next level.

We believe this is a great fit for a younger couple to live and operate a profitable business on Lake Naconiche in beautiful East Texas... country living at its best.

For more information contact Phil Anderson at or call 713-823-3484